Manmade blanks: Acrylic, Inlace Acrylester, Hybrid, Simstone, etc.

Can be made in any color or combinations of colors, more expensive than all but the rarest of wood. Items made with these blanks are truly one of a kind as even blanks from the same pour will be different! We do have several hybrid blanks on hand including coffee beans, a mermaid theme, fairy fantasy, or even steampunk themed! The pieces you see on the site that are resin have blanks that may be available as well.

Natural Blanks: Antler, Horn, & Different Varieties of Wood (See Below)

Not all materials in nature can be turned, but we do have a lot of options including but not limited to:

Deer Antler, Bog Oak, Boire, Carob, Cedar, Cholla, Cocobolo, Ebony, Goncalo Alves, Horn, Hubaballi, Kauri, Maple-Stabilized Spalted, Mesquite, Padauk, Primevera-Stabilized Spalted, Purple Heart, Rosewood, Sapele, Tamarind-Stabilized Spalted, Tulipwood, Walnut, Zebrawood, Zebrawood-Stabilized Spalted, Holly, Jack Daniel’s® Barrel, Jim Beam® Barrel, Maker’s Mark® Barrel, Wild Turkey® Barrel, Teak, Brown Mallee Burl, Stabilized Black Ash, Peroba Rosa, Padauk, Hawaii’an Koa, Katalox, Brazilian Ebony, Canarywood, Spalted Jobilla, Bolivian Rosewood, Swiss Pear, Red Gum, & Pink Ivory

As far as what we can make from them that depends on the imagination! We have quite a few kits on hand for pens, bottle stoppers, coffee scoups, etc. If you see something on the website, we can likely reproduce it. It won’t be an exact copy obviously, but from grilling sets to wedding sets we have the suppliers & the skills!