Slimline Pens


OOAK Wood and Resin pens with 24K Gold slimline hardware


Slimline pen kits come in a wide variety of colors and styles and now you can find all that we have available right here!!! From the metal plated Funlines, to the treated Chameleons and all the way back to the 24K Slimlines these are the basic style of pen we create. No two pens will be the same whether it is in the resin or the design so no back orders are allow. Special orders are always allowed however! Contact us on our special order page for more information!


Find more of our pens here and check out our Instagram for any updates!

Additional information


Funline, Slimline

Metal type

24K Gold, Copper Plated, Satin Chrome Plated, Gold Plated, Chrome Plated, Chameleon, Satin Gold Plated, Gun Metal Plated

Turned Material

Bowling Alley Wood, Purpleheart, Dragonfly, Cherry, Funline Fire, Funline Red & Pink, Funline Green, Primary Calico, Funline Red & White, Rainbow Y/B, Rainbow White, Purple Prism, Air, Tulipwood, Goncalo Alves, Bloodwood, Mixed Woods, Canarywood, Zebrawood, Unknown, BEB Stabilized/Dyed, Black/Dyed Burl hybrid, Eucalyptus Hybrid, Acrylic Pink, Rose Myrtle, Peruvian Walnut, Brazillian Pepperwood, Wenge, Green Hybrid, Night Sky, Blue Garden, Blue Titanium1, Blue Titanium2, Night Fire1, Night Fire2, Claro Walnut, Blue Graphite1, Blue Graphite2, Tropical Jungle, NW Resin Block (Wood), Maple Stabilized/Dyed, Stabilized Koa, Osage Orange, Peroba Rosa, Red NW Red White & Blue, Swiss Pear, Bolivian Rosewood, Coffee Beans, Ironwood


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